Solar Tracker Finished! – somewhat



4 responses to “Solar Tracker Finished! – somewhat

  1. Very good, I write the following procedure when an error. Would like to ask you, you are what type of resistance?

  2. I am using a 10kohm resistor in parallel with each of my two analog inputs.

    So I have a 5V supply to two photoresistors, each photoresistor is connected to its own analog input, and a 10Kohm resistor is in parallel with each analog input going to ground.

    Hope that helps!

  3. You can find a solution about tracking issue: put in place in 2001. See the sensor at the top right. The sensor is cmposed of 4 phtoresistors in tube.

    • Thanks for the suggestion! If I have time I want to try this out. 2-axis rotation doesn’t seem so important to me, as the angle of the Sun on the second axis only changes slightly throughout the year in most places.

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